Online Shop Design


Online Shop Design

Online shopping, also known as e-commerce, is the trend of today’s trend, about 60% of the public often use mobile Internet, you can browse anytime, anywhere online shop, select the goods. So an online store for a retail business, is essential.


Why do we choose to design online stores?

We are mainly tailor-made online store, and each customer’s requirements for the shop are different. We understand the customer needs, try to make a personal web management platform to facilitate management. As the operation is extremely simple, which effectively save the customer internship system time, the future management of staff replacement is also easy to deal with.

Of course, we have the advantages of online publicity services (SEO), how to design a shop no matter how good, but no one can find, what is the use of it? Many of the claims to be able to do SEO services for customers, but the search, their line of keywords did not rank, how can help customers push the ranking it? For more information, see “SEO Service”.

Our advantages:

  1. Website code and information to the customer free to take away, unlike the general company although the price is slightly cheaper, but the need to permanently lock the content to prevent loss of customers.
  2. Can effectively provide customers with cheap and effective publicity.
  3. Because all the code is also prepared by our elite team, can be set a high degree of security and high scalability, no required restrictions.
  基本 進階 高級
模板 使用模板 度身訂造 度身訂造
語言數量 1 2 3
多國貨幣 無限 無限 無限
會員系統  有
售價管理 按會員級別 按會員級別 按會員級別/批發價/按屬性
消息發佈 沒分類 多分類 多分類
購物車功能  有
運費成本計算 重量計算 重量計算 度身訂制
在線付款 Paypal Paypal Paypal及其他
離線付款 銀行轉帳/貨到付款 銀行轉帳/貨到付款 銀行轉帳/貨到付款
產品數量 無限 無限 無限
訂單管理 無限 無限 無限
發票生成 沒有 沒有 度身訂造
數據統計 沒有 沒有 度身訂造
Google Analytics安裝助你分析訪客活動 無限 無限 無限