Responsive Web Design

The benefits of responsive web design

  1. User-friendly browsing: more than 60% of the site through the mobile phone, so the site must allow users to use the phone or tablet to watch when you feel comfortable, if you open a website, see the narrowed pages, customers may feel Not comfortable to leave.
  2. Favorable Google ranking: the reason is the desktop version of the page in the phone to see, the font display is too small, adverse users to watch the content, so google will be the site of the score has been reduced.
  3. Use responsive webpages to help viewers use mobile phones to share web content.
  4. Save development costs: Because the responsive Web site will be deployed in different equipment automatically set different layout, compared to write a set of web pages, a set of mobile phone boards and a flat plate much cheaper.


Restrictions on responsive web design

  1. Design must be simple style, the board is like a brick-like piece of up. Because the operation mainly to the layout of the web page automatically adjust, apply to the mobile phone board and tablet and become the corresponding page. For example: the site has three rows of text, and turn to the mobile phone board, the page will automatically become a line to meet the size of the phone screen.
  2. Because the use of automatic adjustment of the layout and generate responsive Web site, so the content must be roughly the same. Can not do all the contents of the desktop version, and mobile version does not show some content.

We have all the handwriting and use WordPress to make the choice, the initial entrepreneur can use WordPress’s suite of programs to write, but the package has the opportunity to not later support, such as many years ago popular Oscommerce and Joomla. It is hard to find relevant programmers to modify, because the current popular Magento and WordPress. Will they be replaced by another more powerful program in the future?