Web Design Q & A

Q1.Cost of Web Design?
A1.Web Design and Programming Fee+Domain+Web Hosting
Q2.What is the use of the Maintenance Fee for Website
A2.The upgrade of Server local environment / Web Browsers will cause problems
Q3.Do we need to pay maintenance fee every year?
A3.Fee for First Year and pay every year
Q4.Do we need to pay web hosting fee every year?
A4.Yes,pay every year
Q5.Do we need to pay domain fee every year?
A5.Yes,pay every year
Q6.Will you help us to input the website’s information/data?
A6.You are provided a Content Management System (CMS) to manage your website’s information
Q7.We have thousands of products to input, How can I do with the fast way?
A7.We have a Pay service to help to import all data through an excel file
Q8.Will the Code of Website backup by ourselves?
A8.Yes for all the tailor-made web design, except web template service